Travel and Photography Recommendations from Roger Nelson


One of the most important factors for the enjoyment and photographic success of every trip is the people that handle all the arrangements.  They do far more than book the accomodations and transportation.  They make it possible for you to be in the right place at the right time to make award winning images.   In the years that I spent guiding tours, I found a few operators and guides that were especially helpful with travelling photographers.   Now that I am retired, I am passing this information on to you so that you can benefit from the small network of professionals that I have worked with.   Please let them know where you heard about them.


Rainbow Photo Tours


In Bhutan my recommendation is a US based photo tour company Rainbow Photo Tours.   They offer a fifteen-day cross country tour of Bhutan, travel in cars, not a bus, and go where others don't. They can also arrange private tours to Bhutan. Robin Smillie, the company's founder, has led photographic tours to Bhutan 27 times since 2001. Contact Robin if you want to go to Bhutan.




Cambodia Tours


For Cambodia my recommendation is Mr Long Vudthy.   Mr Vudthy is not a photographer but, as a tour guide trainer, he is well connected throughout Cambodia and especially Siem Reap.   If you want someone to show you all the hidden spots in Cambodia, contact Mr Vudthy. If you need a photography guide in Cambodia, contact me directly.





India Tours


For India I recommend India Exotica Travels. Manoj Sharma, the company's Director, is a photograher himself and has led over 200 groups all over India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Tibet, so he is able to give you first hand knowledge of the destination where you want to go. Contact Manoj if you want to see India.





Laos Tours


In Laos my recommendation is Viengchampa Tours.   The guides at Viengchampa Tours are not photographers but they are excellent ground handlers for tours in Laos.   For a custom tour in Laos, contact Sales at Viengchampa. If you need a photography guide in Laos, contact me directly.





Myanmar Tours


For Myanmar my recommendation is Win Kyaw Zan and his company, Asia Photo Travels and Tours.   Win is a professional photographer and he spends most of his time guiding photography tours throughout Myanmar.   If you want to explore and photograph Myanmar, contact Win.




Turkey, Georgia & Armenia

Turkey Tours


For Turkey, Georgia and Armenia, I recommend Mehmet Ozbalci of Turfantastik Tours.   Mehmet has been in tour business since 1982 and leading photo tours & workshops since 1991.   He is an excellent photographer who has worked with a number of distinguished photographers and led tours for worldwide known photo tour companies. He is the photo guide of choice for tours to Turkey, Georgia and Armenia. Contact Mehmet if you would like to go to one of these countries.





Vietnam Tours


For Vietnam my recommendation is Nguyen Huy Son, Photoguide.   Son is a professional photographer and he spends a lot of his time guiding tours in Vietnam and other parts of Southeast Asia.   If Vietnam is where you want to go, contact Mr Son.






I have only listed trusted contacts from Asia. If you need a recommendation for other parts of the world please contact me directly.


May your travel and your photography both be rewarding!