Take Extras To Be Safe


Some things are more crucial than others when traveling with cameras.  If your camera quits working, for example, you are done unless you have a spare.  There are other things that fall into this category too so I have made a list of the things that I double up on.  Some are obvious but some are not.  Here’s the list.


1.Passport Copies


Make several copies of the ID page in your passport.  Laminate them.  Put one in your luggage and carry one with you.  Keep your passport locked up.  The copies will work for most ID checks and they make it much easier to get another passport if yours is lost.


2. Cameras


Your camera takes a lot of abuse when you travel and at some inconvenient time it will stop working.  Take a backup that you are equally comfortable with.  Maybe its an older camera, a point and shoot, your ipad or your phone.  Just make sure you would be happy with the results if you need to use it.  If you’re going on a photo tour, I highly recommend carrying two DSLR cameras – even if one of them uses film.


3. Batteries


Take a spare battery for everything that uses batteries – not just your camera.  Take spare flashlight, alarm clock and flash batteries too.  Use rechargeable batteries whenever possible and take all the chargers with you too.  That way you can charge batteries while using the spares.


4. Data Cards


No mater what size or type of data storage card you use for your digital camera, you will fill it up.  Take extra cards with you so you’re not forced to delete photos in the field just to keep shooting.


5. Photo Backup


Your photos are your prized possessions.  You don’t want to take a chance of losing them so upload them to your computer or some type of storage device every day.  Make another copy on a different device so you have a backup in case one device stops working.  I take my computer and a remote hard drive and copy all pictures to both.  I process the pictures on my computer and delete the ones I don’t want to keep from the computer drive.  The remote drive contains all photos until I get home and transfer them to other storage devices.


6. Electrical Adapters


Without an electrical adapter, you may not be able to charge batteries or upload photos so you don’t want to be without one.  A spare can be used on an extra outlet or in a separate location when needed in addition to being a backup.


7. Locks


Take extra padlocks to make sure you can keep your luggage locked.  Sometimes they are removed by airline security and not replaced.  Sometimes they are lost.  Sometimes you come home with an extra bag.  A few extra padlocks is cheap insurance.


8. Rubber Bands and Paperclips


For all those cables and cords that you put rubber bands around and all those paper documents you clipped together, you need spares.  Rubber bands will eventually break and paperclips just disappear.


9. Business Cards


It doesn’t matter who you are or where you work, when you travel you will meet people that you want to stay in touch with.  Take lots of business or personal cards with you to make this task easier.  It’s also a good way to let people know how you want to share photos. ‘Just send them to this email address’.


10. Books


Whether you read paperbacks or electronic books you should always bring more than you think you will read.  There are always unexpected delays, waiting time and flights to read on.


The more you travel, the more these ‘spares’ become important.


May your travel and your photography both be rewarding!


     Roger Nelson