Travel and Photography Advice from Roger Nelson


Advice from Roger Nelson

As a traveler and a photographer, I continue to learn new things every day.  When I plan for a trip, I scour the web for as much information as I can find, and I am always grateful to those who are willing to pass on their advice.  It seems only fair that I, in turn, offer some travel and photography advice to others who want to travel the world with a camera.


The first document, The Photographers Guide to International Travel, includes advice for worldwide travel when photography is one of your main goals.


The second list, medical kit, includes advice for what to pack for personal hygiene and medical care when travelling to areas that don’t have convenient “western-style pharmacies.”


The third list, photo tips, includes a list of things that may help improve your photography experience.


In addition, here are a few articles that I have published:


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Bhutan for Photographers

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Travel Clothing for Photographers

Posing People vs. Candid Images

Photographing Festivals

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Early Morning Photo Opportunities

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Southeast Asia

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Top 10 Reasons to Visit India

Processing Your Images on the Road

Best Travel Options for Photographers

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Myanmar

Ten Good Habits For Travelling Photographers

Managing Travel Risks

The Friendly Photographer


If you have any questions or comments about this advice, please contact me and share your point of view.  If you have any suggestions for topics to be added to this page, I’d like to hear that, too.

May your travel and your photography both be rewarding!