About Photo In Asia


Photo In Asia by Roger Nelson

My mission is to inspire travel and photography throughout Asia.   I have traveled and photographed the world for over 25 years and am passionate about exploring new destinations and capturing images of what I find.   I found that Asia has the best combination of unique cultures, friendly people and infrastructure for travel photography so I have spent a great deal of my time exploring the countries of this region.   I recently retired in Thailand where I could be close to so many of my favorite destinations.


I still love travel photography and I enjoy sharing it with others so I created this site to inspire travel and photography through one of my favorite regions of the world.   I have included galleries of photos to give you an idea of what you can see and photograph.   I have also included advice on both travel and photography that is especially relevant in this part of the world.


If you would like to share or receive information about travelling in Asia, you can reach me through Facebook or email and I’ll do my best to respond or refer you to someone that can.    - Roger Nelson